Cyber Club Manager | Club Management Software with Mobile App

Cyber Club Manager

Cyber Club Management Software is a total web-based solution, works through RFID implementation & incorporates automation in the functioning of the clubs. It comes with a dedicated mobile app which makes it easier to use for the members.

It helps in the smooth functioning of day to day club operations, It's a popular software and is used by most of the clubs for managing their inventories, billings, payroll, etc.

Each member needs to subscribe in order to avail of the facilities of the club & is provided with a smart card. You can access the Bar, Restaurant, swimming, etc using the card which acts as your ID. You can also book venues for functions online by logging in to the member portal.

The Club Management Mobile App has the provision to display the newsletter and the poster of the club.

Cybrain Club Manager

Key Benefits

  • Immediate online access facility.
  • Immediate notifications and event updates.
  • Eliminates the need to open your laptop and browser repeatedly.
  • Enables a booking section that allows the booking of the available venues of the club.
  • Members can easily access their transaction history.
  • Members can spontaneously recharge their user account.


Billing Module

Any items consumed by the members of the club are recorded into the system from any depot within the local network. The generated data is then integrated with the information already available on the server. Also, comprehensive data about the consumptions made by the members can be accessed at any point in time. The members can directly login to the web portal and pay their dues easily.

Billing Module
Stock Inventory

Stock and Inventory Module

The stock and inventory module maintains the total inventory of the club, it keeps a record of the valuable assets and also of consumable items. It helps you keep a tab on the stock items, sale, and consumption. You can manage everything by sitting in one place.

RFID/ Smart Card Implementation

The RFID/ Smart Card Implementation module allows members to be validated at the entry. On swiping the card, the member Information page is displayed on the computer screen. Also, the photographs of the members, as well as their dependents, would be displayed. The smart card acts as both the identity card as well as the prepaid card for the members of the club and distributed to all the members.

RFID/ Smart Card Implementation
Accounting and Financial Module

Accounting and Financial Module

All transactions taking place in the club can simply be exported to Tally ERP by just a tap of a button. The software also eliminates any need for human intervention. The software also has the potential to prepare account heads for new members who have been added to the club management software.

Payroll Management

This module helps in the management of payroll, it keeps track of all the financial aspects of employees including salary reports, payslips generation, allowances, deductions, employee records, etc.. It streamlines the management of payroll and employee data.

Payroll Management