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Web Design & Development

A website represents your identity in virtual world. You cannot go to market your services in foreign countries and even if you manage to do it, it would not be so frequent. So, website is an ideal tool to promote your services beyond geographical boundaries. Your website needs to look great, provide accurate information about your company or products and work flawlessly. We accentuate not only on visual appeal, but on user-friendliness and corporate identity of our client as well. At Cybrain Software Solutions, we provide web designing services & assure you all of these at most competitive prices. We offer a wide range of website designs as according to your technical and budget requirements.

Technologies used for our best web design services comprise of:

Our web design & development process includes following steps:


This involves asking for customer requirements and analysis to bring out actual client requirements for the design, function, content and budget for the website. An open discussion helps to get better idea of client's expectations.

Mockup & Conversion to HTML

Based on the customer requirement analysis, we prepare 2 to 3 mockups including home page design, number of pages, and site-map. The estimated cost and time duration is also specified in this step. Any required changes are discussed and a final design is selected. The selected design is converted from PSD design to HTML version and again shown to the client for approval.

Content Writing

Effective content writing is as important as an appealing web design. Necessary inputs are taken from the client and written in a professional manner for all pages of the website including company profile, product and service details, contact details, testimonials, case studies, FAQ's and any other pages.

Design & Development

As content writing takes place, full fledge designing of inner pages takes place. Once designing part completes, coding is done either in HTML, CSS, php or any other programming language. While the site is designed & developed, ample care is taken so that pages can load quickly and have easy navigation.

Testing & Making it inline

Website testing involves for browser compatibility, broken links, slow loading pages or images, HTML validation, CSS validation, grammatical errors, and form checking with the help of functional tests on all pages of the website. Once is site is thoroughly tested and debugged, it is uploaded on a live domain.

Maintenance & Updates

As soon as the site is uploaded, we monitor it for performance and uptime. Depending upon the need of clients, it is periodically updated and maintained regularly.