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Custom Application Development

We provide custom application development services just as you need for your business. Be it a web-based or LAN-based application, we are expert in both of them. We use an assortment of technologies for our desktop and tailor-made web application development services that include following:

We utilize MVC architecture and N-Tier architecture in development process.

MVC Architecture

Expanded as Model View Controller architecture, it is used to reduce the complexity of coding for testing & changing purpose by separating different parts of the application into tiers. It also fulfills the need of reducing code duplication in complex coding.

N-Tier Architecture

N-Tier architecture has 3 separate logical tiers and comes with a powerful feature of making relevant changes to a tier without modifying other tiers. It includes presentation tier, business tier and data tier.

Our custom application development process brings out the final outcome as a result of a “Development Process”, which is strictly followed in each of our projects.

Requirement Analysis
Specification & Approval
Architecture & Prototype
Development & Testing
Documentation & Deployment
Maintenance & Support
Undestanding the requirements and expectations of clients.
Task documentation to describe the requirements and what can be done to fulfill the name. Client approval is taken before the project moves ahead.
It is an abstract development of the application or software that informs the clients about how it will work and look like. Actual project is modelled on basis of this prototype.
Development is reduced to code by builiding data structure and development of various modules is done. Once the development is complete, technical investigation in the form of testing starts.
Software documentation is done for external interface and the project is deployed in a live environment.
Maintenance is done either to sort any newly discovered problems or extend it for further usage. Support is provided to ensure that user becomes acquainted with the application usage.

We believe that there should be complete transparency and clear communication in every step. This is the reason that we allow our programmers to directly interact with the clients so as to understand their requirements in a better way and avoid any communication gaps.